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Multidisciplinary Week of Art and Design 18.-23.4.2017: Seinäjoki Art & Design Week - we will launch our program on March! Stay tuned!

This is what happened on last SADW 2015:

6 days, 23 venues, 50 events, 10 exhibitions, 3D-printer, 143 m2 pop up, 8 photos by Meeri Koutaniemi, 3 courses on the Art on a Plate menu, 4 works of art taken outdoors, 7 different Ivana Helsinki dresses, 85 kg of Graphic Designer of the Year 2013, ∞ amount of art and design

Seinäjoki is flooding with art, design and interartistic experiences along with other interesting and relevant content from 8th to 13th of September, 2015. The third annual Seinäjoki Art & Design Week, which has now been moved to September, offers the public over 50 different events from exhibitions to expert visitors and from open doors to surprising art performances. You can find the whole SADW programme at

SADW takes part in livening up the Seinäjoki city centre and in the spirit of last year’s Taidekuppila opens a KOTO pop up shop to an empty business premises in the Vanha tori plot of Matti Visannin kuja. As a result of cooperation between Rustoopuori, Mallan Makeat, Seinäjoki Artists’ Association, cultural co-operative Kick!, Linnemil and Peab, the Koto shop and café offers sweet delicacies, local art and design and supplementary programme from 3D-printing to art workshops. The staff of Koto dresses in Ivana Helsinki’s Seinäjoki print and Ivana Helsinki’s products are also up for sale in the shop.

The increasing significance of photographs in modern art and as provokers of global discussion is the theme of SADW’s extensive exhibition programme. SADW offers three current photography exhibitions. Meeri Koutaniemi’s Eyewitnesses has been implemented in cooperation with WWF and it handles the coexistence of humans and nature in the East Himalaya. The exhibition is on display in Torikeskus and it is coordinated by the regional artist of photographic art, Jenni Latva. On Wednesday of the SADW week, the renewed Ostrobothnian Photography Centre opens a touching photo exhibition Hainan Comfort Women by a Chinese press photographer Huang Yimin, who tells us stories about the destinies of beautiful, wrinkled women. Just before the SADW week, an affective solo exhibition by Mirva Vittaniemi, a photographer from Vaasa, opens in the Gallery Varikko. In the international group exhibition Beyond Borders, which opens during the SADW week in the Seinäjoki Art Hall, there are also photographic elements besides other methods of expression. The exhibition celebrates multiculturalism by bringing artists from 23 different countries to Seinäjoki. Some of the artists are available in the Art Hall on SADW Saturday.

For the professionals, the SADW programme offers information, new points of view and networking. The possibilities of service design in the development of cities and public services open up for instance under the supervision of Mikko Kutvonen, a city designer at the Design Driven City project. The Frami Business Breakfast and Paulus Perkkiö from Buorre Oy find out why design is a good selling point. The Graphic Designer of the Year 2013 Kasper Strömman spars and enjoys afternoon tea with his graphic designer colleagues. He is, in his own opinion, SADW’s Key Note Speaker. It remains to be seen, what his cuttingly sharp-sighted blog Kasper Diem tells about his visit to Seinäjoki afterwards.

Naturally, one of the cornerstones of the SADW programme is Alvar Aalto’s architecture. This year, new points of view on the subject are offered by the Alvari Party on Sunday, dramatic guided tours of the cultural association KoHo, and an exhibition whose construction you can take part in, the Aalloissa architectural education exhibition in the Kässäri Gallery of the Aalto Library.

SADW conquers the province as well. Lapuan Kankurit is SADW’s main cooperation partner and, to celebrate the SADW week, they introduce their new and fabulous store to the public. The store will be opened soon in the Cultural Centre Vanha Paukku in Lapua. In addition, they have a moving sale full of tempting offers. Asu & Elä (Dwell & Live) event in Kurikka opens the doors of artists’ homes in Kurikka to the SADW public on a bus tour organized by Etelä-Pohjanmaan Matkailu.

Experience the city of Seinäjoki bursting with Art and Design! Check out the programme at (titles are translated into English) and be part of SADW!

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